Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Past Year

Here we are….2011. This year in April marks my 2 year anniversary of being sober. I am constantly reminded everyday of sobriety and that is fine… me I need it. Like tonight for example my boss said this “I really would love to tell folks to get out of the restaurant because my staff all wants to go get shit faced, well except for Sundee” I had to laugh, cause when he said the part about the staff wanting to get shitfaced, I made a nasty face.

This last year I have learned a lot about me. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. And I embrace being not perfect! I have made a lot of sober friends, and I have given out a lot of advice (normally I was the advice seeker of others before). I have become a sponsor to 2 wonderful ladies. I have reconnected with family.

I am proud of me! It was hard, long roller coaster to clean up my path of destruction that I left behind before.

Do I have any New Year’s Resolutions? No not really…I was never a big fan. Do I have things I want to do this year? Of course!!! I can’t wait to move to my new place, and I will quit smoking. Yes the smoking thing will happen. Either I am switching to the E Cig or I will quit cold turkey when I have my first surgery in Feb. I will be hospitalized for a few days and doubt I will be moving…And yes I will continue dying the grey out of my hair!

May your year be full of what you would like.

Remember Just for Today/One Day At A Time.

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