Friday, June 17, 2011

meh meh meh meh It’s my world and I will cry too!

Yeah, I said it.  And guess what, yeah I am gonna bitch.  I don’t care. I am tired of being the uppity queen.  My new mission is to be all about me.  You don’t like it? Go play somewhere else.  Now  I understand that this attitude will freak out people, and then I have to hear about it “like omg, I am so worried about you…are you ok? blah blah blah”. Don’t. Stop right there. Don’t even ask. I hate when people ask me if I am ok.  Or act whiney to wanna help me.  Don’t do it. I hate it. And you just add to my building up of the explosion.  The fireworks look pretty….but I only invited myself.  These are my emotions and my world, let me ride them and it.  Not everyone out there is needy and needs a shoulder. I like to have a rant fest and pissy party. Then I am good.

Anyhow with that all out now. I am off to take a nap.