Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The dreaded dungeon finder

Today I want to go back over the dungeon finder. Yes you know the one…..where you push the little “I” button and up it pops, you choose your role….and wait. And wait. And wait. Well at least I do a lot. Cause that how Rogue’s roll! Smile with tongue out (no pun intended).

Anyhow you finally get into your dungeon….and of course when you choose random…well you get tossed into whatever they toss you into. Now the first thing you are thinking is…please let’s not wipe, gawd I hope the healer is good. And please let the tank be more than L33T!!!!

Not always what happens, is it? Tonight I experienced just that, and after like 5 people left here and there, and we kicked people, finally a good group. When I arrived in this group, noone knew where they were going, who was doing what. We wipe, the tank cries someone pulled, in reality the healer was off dicking around. So the healer leaves. New person arrives… now new person has to tank, after they asked me, yes me, the rogue to tank. LOL The other tank is off dicking around….finally kicked him as he was standing off to the side gathering free xp. So as you see you don’t get like what you used to get back in the day. Yes you get into a group faster. But the thing about the dungeon finder is you get a group of people that are not from your server and you have no clue how good they are, or are they there to just gank one item and leave on you. Back in the day (vanilla), you had to find a group. And then the nice thing was most of the people on the server knew if someone was ganking or just sucked. At least if they sucked on your server you could help them out.

And that is my rant for the night. Because of what just happened.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Following Warcraft Less Traveled 1 and loremaster

I have gotten really interested in Lore of WoW.  And I swear that deep down inside I have a secret hero named Shade. She is from All Things Azeroth Podcast. I am sure there is lots of really good lore people out there. But honestly I just don’t care about them. She is MY lore hero, and HAVE to…NO! NEED to be like her. Well kinda. I don’t need to be totally like her. LOL Just the love of the lore. So this brings us to what I have been doing lately. First I am working on the Loremaster achievement, of course you would figure that out. This requires going back to places like low level areas of Westfall, Redridge etc….at first I thought this would be tedious and painful. But believe it or not it is fun. Not only can I pull a whole group of lvl 15’s and kill them at once for one quest, but some things have changed in WoW since Cataclysm. Yesterday I was blessed with the cinematic in DeadMines. And  the end of DM is different now, along with some other places in DM. The one thing that is still same: that silly murloc, Cookie still resides there.

This also brings up some changes in exploration. WoW has always done a great job of making the land looking pretty, or ugly in some areas. But definitely worth looking at while you go along. Since Cata, there is lots of changes. And I am one of those people who do look at the scenery in wow, along with some hidden places. This probably explains why I , galleri (gallereigh), have yet to hit 80….and well yes I have played since vanilla. I am probably the slowest lvl’er in the history of WoW. Not to worry my current main is now 68. I am sure I will 80 by next year Smile with tongue out (so my guild hopes!).

The hidden stuff brings up Warcraft Less Traveled Podcast.  I listen to his stuff faithfully and been to lots of the places he has mentioned. While this podcast is the subject…I was quite shocked that my guild, which is a lvl 11 with like 480 members, had noone in it that knew what Warcraft Less Traveled was. Grrrrr!!! Of course not all 400 something people were on the day I was talking about it. So maybe there is a few there.

So here are a few pics of my adventures of going to places that WLT sent me to:

First up is :

Warcraft Less Traveled #33 – Tekton and the Robotic Sheep Farm of Elwynn Forest




Next up:

Warcraft Less Traveled #34 – Darkshore Whirlpool and Demon Hunter




Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Past Year

Here we are….2011. This year in April marks my 2 year anniversary of being sober. I am constantly reminded everyday of sobriety and that is fine…..trust me I need it. Like tonight for example my boss said this “I really would love to tell folks to get out of the restaurant because my staff all wants to go get shit faced, well except for Sundee” I had to laugh, cause when he said the part about the staff wanting to get shitfaced, I made a nasty face.

This last year I have learned a lot about me. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. And I embrace being not perfect! I have made a lot of sober friends, and I have given out a lot of advice (normally I was the advice seeker of others before). I have become a sponsor to 2 wonderful ladies. I have reconnected with family.

I am proud of me! It was hard, long roller coaster to clean up my path of destruction that I left behind before.

Do I have any New Year’s Resolutions? No not really…I was never a big fan. Do I have things I want to do this year? Of course!!! I can’t wait to move to my new place, and I will quit smoking. Yes the smoking thing will happen. Either I am switching to the E Cig or I will quit cold turkey when I have my first surgery in Feb. I will be hospitalized for a few days and doubt I will be moving…And yes I will continue dying the grey out of my hair!

May your year be full of what you would like.

Remember Just for Today/One Day At A Time.