Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gluten Free Peach Cobbler and a little starter baby pineapple plant

As most that know me, know that lately I have been trying to cut out gluten from my diet. My body doesn't seem to agree with it. So I have had this baking mix by Maple Grove Farms that is a gluten free all purpose baking mix. I really have been meaning to use it to make some yummy gluten free pancakes, but alas! I had a bunch of peaches that I needed to use up. So I decided to try out a recipe that I found from Gracefully Gluten Free which you can find her here: the recipe I used is located here on her blog All I must say is oh my gosh! It turned out so yummy, and the recipe is so easy. I had to take a picture to share :)
Today I also decided do a little project, ok well I have several little projects. But this one I decided to use the top of a pineapple to regrow a pineapple plant! My mom Dianne, told me about this on the phone. Of course I started to google, and found several good ideas, about how to do it, but I jumped over to my favorite blog at 17 Apart and found they had done one here So here is the picture of it and we shall keep track of this little guy and his roots over the next few weeks :)