Saturday, February 27, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #9

Pick five genealogy blogs and read them every day. Meet new people and networking within the online genealogy community is a great way to expand your own research and experience. Reading the blogs of others will help you get to know others. Try to find some blogs that are out of your area of expertise. Lists of genealogy blogs can be found at and Genealogue’s Genealogy Blog Finder. If you already subscribe to many genealogy blogs, find five new ones that are “outside the box,” perhaps in history or archives. If you have a genealogy blog, write about the blogs you discover and introduce others to them.

This challenge runs from Saturday, 27 February 2010 through Friday, 5 March

So I have several genealogy blogs I read..just out of interest alot of times...but sometimes they list some interesting things that I have never heard of that is very helpful!!

So starting with Dear Myrtle's blog...
recently she listed what is called 10 things that a genealogist cannot live with. Go check it out! You maybe surprised at what you can use online!

Next up:
Next up is Midge Frazel's blog Granite in My Blood:
Her blog is about cemetery photos and tombstone photos of her ancestors or cemetery's she loves. Please stop by..her blog is very interesting..especially when she writes about the person that is in the grave under the tombstone!!!

Now we have:
The Graveyard Rabbit, which shares alot about different cemeteries, and some history of them out there too....go look and see what "Six Feet Under" means! It also links to many other cemetery blogs out there!

While at the above Graveyard Rabbit, I went on a whim and looked thru some of the links...which I had not done before....I was thrilled to find a Cemetery blog dedicated to cemeteries in Louisiana, particularly New Orleans, which we all know has some beautiful and interesting cemetries....this one is called Cities of the Dead....Louisiana has wonderful graveyard history along with history there alone..and genealogy history. Such a colorful state. This blog is a treat!!!
Sadly tho this has not been updated since Sept 2009.

Ok last one..
Grave Mappers..
This blog is dedicated to transcribing, mapping, photographing the cemeteries out there in order to help preserve and share them on the internet.

Ok so there you have what I have read the last few days and tonight. I know I did posted alot on the cemeteries..but I have a thing for cemeteries....
Enjoy going thru these blogs...and while you are there, look at the other links they have listed, you may be surprised at what you find. At also thrilled!! Always little treats hiding out there on the great internet!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! Yes, it is fun to research the people buried under the stones. I am glad you enjoyed reading them!