Monday, September 21, 2009

Added to more to my ancestor's line

I started this last night...and then I lost internet here is the blog:
So I was playing around tonight and stumbled into more of my family line. Which this happens occasionally when I leave a part of my line or person alone for a bit. And the viola!!!
Tonight I found that Leydia Royalty Kinnison's parents were James Royalty and Pricillia Gaither And James Royalty was born in 1835 in Leitchfield, KY dying in 1917 his mom was Lydia Kennison, which could mean that the family line crossed surnames!! Ugg..them southerners!! LOL "You maybe a redneck if you tree does not branch!", His dad was Charles Royalty. I have found that Charles's parents are Isham Royalty and Catherine. Charles's birth place is questionable. I know he was born in 1786, either in KY or VA. Isham's Parents are Daniel Royalty and Margaret once again now we pose the question of birthplace for Daniel...either KY or VA....why these two are hard to figure out with the birthplace in these two states is beyond me!!! Most likely tho Daniel was born in Abermarle, VA. Now that I found out also that Margaret was born in VA and died in VA, I am guaranteeing tha both Charles and his dad were born in VA also.
Now Margaret died in a place called Dinwiddie, Dinwiddie, VA...I googled this ...this is a little town with what looks like 4 streets!! Exciting!!! She was born in place called Stafford, VA another googled adventure...which also is a little town, but alot bigger than Dinwiddie is. LOL
Her parents are John Tyler and Mary Downman ( I am sure everyone is confused by now with all this!!!) John Tyler was definantly born in VA, King George, Richmond (now King George County),VA in 1670 died 1757 in the same place. Mary was born in 1671 in King George, Richmond, VA and died in 1766 in Falmouth, VA. Her parents were WIlliam Downman and Million Travers.

Tonight when I have some time I will be able to add the rest....

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