Thursday, January 20, 2011

Following Warcraft Less Traveled 1 and loremaster

I have gotten really interested in Lore of WoW.  And I swear that deep down inside I have a secret hero named Shade. She is from All Things Azeroth Podcast. I am sure there is lots of really good lore people out there. But honestly I just don’t care about them. She is MY lore hero, and HAVE to…NO! NEED to be like her. Well kinda. I don’t need to be totally like her. LOL Just the love of the lore. So this brings us to what I have been doing lately. First I am working on the Loremaster achievement, of course you would figure that out. This requires going back to places like low level areas of Westfall, Redridge etc….at first I thought this would be tedious and painful. But believe it or not it is fun. Not only can I pull a whole group of lvl 15’s and kill them at once for one quest, but some things have changed in WoW since Cataclysm. Yesterday I was blessed with the cinematic in DeadMines. And  the end of DM is different now, along with some other places in DM. The one thing that is still same: that silly murloc, Cookie still resides there.

This also brings up some changes in exploration. WoW has always done a great job of making the land looking pretty, or ugly in some areas. But definitely worth looking at while you go along. Since Cata, there is lots of changes. And I am one of those people who do look at the scenery in wow, along with some hidden places. This probably explains why I , galleri (gallereigh), have yet to hit 80….and well yes I have played since vanilla. I am probably the slowest lvl’er in the history of WoW. Not to worry my current main is now 68. I am sure I will 80 by next year Smile with tongue out (so my guild hopes!).

The hidden stuff brings up Warcraft Less Traveled Podcast.  I listen to his stuff faithfully and been to lots of the places he has mentioned. While this podcast is the subject…I was quite shocked that my guild, which is a lvl 11 with like 480 members, had noone in it that knew what Warcraft Less Traveled was. Grrrrr!!! Of course not all 400 something people were on the day I was talking about it. So maybe there is a few there.

So here are a few pics of my adventures of going to places that WLT sent me to:

First up is :

Warcraft Less Traveled #33 – Tekton and the Robotic Sheep Farm of Elwynn Forest




Next up:

Warcraft Less Traveled #34 – Darkshore Whirlpool and Demon Hunter




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