Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The dreaded dungeon finder

Today I want to go back over the dungeon finder. Yes you know the one…..where you push the little “I” button and up it pops, you choose your role….and wait. And wait. And wait. Well at least I do a lot. Cause that how Rogue’s roll! Smile with tongue out (no pun intended).

Anyhow you finally get into your dungeon….and of course when you choose random…well you get tossed into whatever they toss you into. Now the first thing you are thinking is…please let’s not wipe, gawd I hope the healer is good. And please let the tank be more than L33T!!!!

Not always what happens, is it? Tonight I experienced just that, and after like 5 people left here and there, and we kicked people, finally a good group. When I arrived in this group, noone knew where they were going, who was doing what. We wipe, the tank cries someone pulled, in reality the healer was off dicking around. So the healer leaves. New person arrives… now new person has to tank, after they asked me, yes me, the rogue to tank. LOL The other tank is off dicking around….finally kicked him as he was standing off to the side gathering free xp. So as you see you don’t get like what you used to get back in the day. Yes you get into a group faster. But the thing about the dungeon finder is you get a group of people that are not from your server and you have no clue how good they are, or are they there to just gank one item and leave on you. Back in the day (vanilla), you had to find a group. And then the nice thing was most of the people on the server knew if someone was ganking or just sucked. At least if they sucked on your server you could help them out.

And that is my rant for the night. Because of what just happened.

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